Why Kettlebell Sport?
Why consider kettlebell sport?
If you want to become stronger physically and mentally
If you want to move through Life with greater ease and less pain
If you want to improve your performance in a sport
If you want to reduce the risk of injury
If you want to covert fat into muscle
If you want a safe, effective & efficient workout
Strength is a skill you can learn.
Kettlebells teach you to use your own power to move a weight and manage the momentum.
Why does Kettlebell Sport produce results?
The mind-set is different. Even though sometimes we train specifically for a competitive event, we are continually PRACTICING the 7 Sport movements—Swing, Clean, Press, Push-Press, Snatch, Half-Snatch & Jerk.  Like yoga, the goal is to practice mastering the movement with consistency.  Each time you are lifting a bell at Kettlebell Sanctuary, our coaches are helping you refine your technique, teaching you when to work hard and showing you when to relax so you can improve and increase strength and endurance. 
Kettlebells work every muscle (including the heart and lungs), joint, ligament and tendon in the body.  Every day is Leg Day, Arm Day, Back Day, Ab Day, Cardio Day in Kettlebell Sport Training!
Kettlebells also PROVE that you are stronger.  You now can manage to snatch the bell for 2 minutes longer than last week. That once heavy 8kg bell feels super light now that you are lifting and swinging a 12kg bell.  Even adding one rep is IMPROVEMENT!
Mentally, the kettlebell requires your full attention—are you driving the bell up with your hips? Are you inserting your hand fast enough to smoothly change direction of the bell? Is the bell fixated? How is your grip? Are you tossing the bell over? Are you breathing? Are you thinking of these things every rep?
Kettlebells work the muscular, skeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems simultaneously.  Ligaments, tendons and joints are strengthened without added stress.     
The kettlebell is also versatile.  It can be used for deadlifts, squats, bicep curls, rows, ab & tricep exercises and any exercise with a dumbbell.
Humans of all ages lift things and use momentum for that task. We lift suitcases & swing them into the car trunk. We lift groceries, boxes and furniture. We lift our kids, grandkids and pets. Kettlebells are available for all ages.  Kettlebell Sport movements can build a stronger YOU to enjoy life.